Hopefulson Worship Collective


HopefulSon is a collection of musicians, songwriters & worship leaders based out of Alberta, Canada, who are passionate about creating worship experiences that make it easy to engage with Jesus. The heart behind our music, whether we are writing, performing, recording or leading worship, is always to draw people into moments of closeness with God. Our albums are comprised of songs we have written in our devotional time, both alone and as a community, which we believe are not just for us, but for the church. Our Hope is always that God takes hold of our music and uses it to draw his people into moments of friendship and joy with Him.


Derek & Tayler Gust, Jordan Wright, Todd Postlethwaite, Mark Watt and Chris McGregor



Need music for an event, worship night, coffee house, conference, house show or concert? 

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We love it when people use our music in their church or solo worship times! 

Here are some of our chord sheets to make it nice and easy.